Dutch D-Light by Huub Rogier

...on the fine balance between extravert and introvert...


This ring epitomises the Dutch D-Light concept… a mix of attention seeking and reserve… of warm deep passion and sovereign class… you will want people to stare and at the same time wonder with respect… how can this be…

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Diamond Brilliant TW vsi 0.11 carat
Gemstone Salmon Tourmaline
Checkerboard 3.5 carat
Metal Red Gold 14 karat
Size The head: 10 mm high and 10.5 mm wide
The ring: 8.4 mm wide and 2.5 mm thick

Huub Rogier

"the best materials and striking forms"

• my quest is modern refinementexcelling craftsmanship, with a luxurious appearance • I love to work with a gold palladium alloy – the resulting gray-white metal forms the perfect basis for many of my designs • the colors and appearance of gemstones inspire me, especially my favorite – Beryl • I create a design, selecting the best materials – seeing and feeling – then composing and crafting – followed by polishingand the setting of the crown • I am proud of designing the Dutch D-Light concept – a new synergy of diamonds and colored gemstones • my biggest challenge is to make the impossible possible •



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