by Jan van Nouhuys

...made with love, passion and dedication... made for you...


…the lines create a sense of fluidity, while the combination of the black and white evokes associations: is it something to do with an animal?… is it a musical instrument?…

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Metal Silver 925/000
Wood Ebony with recycled ivory
Weight Silver 770 g
Size (WxDxH) 40x29x26 cm

Jan van Nouhuys

"head, heart and hands"

• my work unfolds itself like a path into the unknown - every new creation is pointing me into the direction of my next challenge • I create with an attitude of joy, with a love of form, searching for beauty and surprise, with a keenness of adventure in the process of expressing and making • I am fortunate to have access to the bestpossible quality silver, and I love to work with wood - I appreciate the color, the feel, the smell • my art is form interlinked with materials and my skills • my designs are more than an intellectual concept, more than just an idea • my art is all me •


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