Meet my shadow

by guest designer Evi Bakker

...'Once upon a time there was a strange bird, it only appeared in the evening and no one could ever catch it, I suppose you would like to meet him…'


Finalist of the HRD awards 2013… The theme of the competition is Trompe-l’oeil: an optical illusion… “My inspiration comes from shadowgraphy, the art of performing a story with hand shadows… The contrast between the brightness of the diamonds and the shadow of the ring shows the difference between reality and fantasy… Use your imagination and create your own story, a cinema in silhouette… Nothing is what it seems, shadows are everything you want them to be: this ring can be a bird, a fantastic monster or a jewel… It’s up to you…”

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Diamonds Brilliant TW vsi 0.01 carat
240 Brilliants 2.4 carat in total
Metal Titanium and Yellow Gold 14 karat
Size (LxWxH) 110x30x45 mm

Evi Bakker


"Designing is about versatility, being open to new opportunities and all forms of inspiration"

• designer and a doctor, driven by perfectionism to create unique and elegant designs • "I am a product designer specialized in jewellery, passionate and enthusiastic to design extraordinary masterpieces • My designs can be recognized by its organic shape with fine flowing lines • I believe every designed object has its own identity, like a person has • Your identity is built by experiences, every experience affects your thoughts and actions and therefore make your identity changeable • A design also consists of consecutive ideas which are always changing, innovating and thereby improving the end product" •


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