by Jan van Nouhuys

…made with love, passion and dedication... made for you...


…the Joker has been raised out of one piece of laminated silver and brass… the square pattern evolves into diamonds, parallelograms and rectangles… it evokes the illusion that the pattern is open as if one can look through…

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Metal Silver 925/000
Patinated Brass
Weight 865 g
Size (WxDxH) 30x30x20 cm

Jan van Nouhuys

"head, heart and hands"

• my work unfolds itself like a path into the unknown - every new creation is pointing me into the direction of my next challenge • I create with an attitude of joy, with a love of form, searching for beauty and surprise, with a keenness of adventure in the process of expressing and making • I am fortunate to have access to the bestpossible quality silver, and I love to work with wood - I appreciate the color, the feel, the smell • my art is form interlinked with materials and my skills • my designs are more than an intellectual concept, more than just an idea • my art is all me •


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