by guest designer Evi Bakker

...start your diner in style, à table!...


“For me a chique diner starts at the moment you walk into a restaurant. The dining environment influences your impression of your actual diner a lot, as people want to eat in a pleasant and exclusive ambiance. A beautiful decorated table with elegant chairs, candles or crystal glasses, it makes you feel extraordinary as a customer: This is the reason that I created two rings with an abstract design of a table with chairs, as an ode to the designed environment around the food. With this ring you can start your diner in style, à table!”

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Diamonds 336 Brilliants TW vsi 3.38 carat in total
Metal Titanium
Rhodium-Plated Silver

Evi Bakker


"Designing is about versatility, being open to new opportunities and all forms of inspiration"

• designer and a doctor, driven by perfectionism to create unique and elegant designs • "I am a product designer specialized in jewellery, passionate and enthusiastic to design extraordinary masterpieces • My designs can be recognized by its organic shape with fine flowing lines • I believe every designed object has its own identity, like a person has • Your identity is built by experiences, every experience affects your thoughts and actions and therefore make your identity changeable • A design also consists of consecutive ideas which are always changing, innovating and thereby improving the end product" •


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